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Here's The Event Schedule: 

DAY 1 - Live Event Secrets (6/23/2020)

9:00am MDT - Welcome and Intro

9:30am MDT - Live Event Secrets - Why live events work and how to use these secrets in your virtual event

10:30am MDT - Your Stage, Your Show - How to turn your content into a live virtual event

11:30am MDT - Your Stage, Your Show Pt. 2 - Becoming the Greatest Showman (aka, how to make sure people show up and stay engaged)

Day 2 - Creating Your Event (6/24/2020)

9:00am MDT - Production -- how to make the event FEEL good to the audience so it's memorable and impactful  (yes, this works virtually as well as in-person :) )

10:00 MDT - Streaming, Recording, Tech Set Up and Behind The Scenes -- Everything your need to know to make your virtual event happen 

11:30am MDT - Getting Great Guests -- It’s easier than you think but you want to be intentional about the placement… more on this later. 

12:30pm MDT - Story Staging - Using the elements of story to make the event flow flawlessly.

Day 3 - How To Sell At Your Event (6/25/2020)

9:00am MDT - The Live Event Webinar (intro) - How to use your event to build towards a sale

10:00am MDT - The Live Event Webinar (part 1 + Part 2) - Selecting Your Content, Selecting Your Guests

11:30am MDT - The Pitch -- The secrets to selling “the thing” at your virtual live event

12:45am MDT - (Bonus Training) The Content Tidal Wave - My undefeated secret strategy that helped me sell out concerts, shows and events when it came down to the wire. 

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About Chris Creed

Chris is a digital marketing and live event expert based in Denver, CO.

He's the founder of Storywell Marketing -- a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs grow and scale their income and impact. 

He's also the host of the Storywell Marketing Podcast where he interviews some of today's top marketers and business owners. 

99U Speaker. Funnel Builder, Copywriter. Paid Traffic Master. 
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